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Trauma-Informed Nonviolent Parenting Classes

Parenting is one of the most creative and exhausting jobs you’ll ever have. Sometimes you’ll find yourself saying or doing things to your child you swore you would never do. Our 10-class parenting series draws on the latest scientific research on brain and child development, as well as the effects of childhood toxic stress. Discover how to communicate in ways that deepen your relationship with your child and begin to model the skills that are proven to help your child succeed at school, have more rewarding relationships and enjoy a longer, healthier life.


Our current version does not offer a certificate of completion. We are working with our eDeveloper to update the online series so that we can track progression and therefore be able to issue certificates for those who complete the course successfully. If obtaining a parenting certificate of completion is of interest to you, please visit us again in mid-April. Our goal is to have this available by then.

**As a kind reminder, we cannot issue you a Letter of Attendance or Parenting Certificate if you complete our current online course**

*Please also note that there are no refunds for our online courses*
  • Class 1
  • 1. Intentional Parenting
  • Class 2
  • 2. Shifting the Paradigm
  • Class 3
  • 3. Child Development
  • Class 4
  • 4. Trauma and Resilience
  • Class 5
  • 5. Reflections On Our Own Childhood
  • Class 6
  • 6. Behavior as Communication
  • Class 7
  • 7. Connecting Communication
  • Class 8
  • 8. Understanding Anger, Ruptures, & Repair
  • Class 9
  • 9. Setting Limits With Empathy
  • Class 10
  • 10 - Celebration, Mourning, and Reconnection
Completion rules
  • All units must be completed