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Online Trauma & Resilience (Part I)

Echo brings you a training on trauma and resilience for trauma survivors and professionals working with survivors. It provides a solid grounding in the cutting-edge science behind trauma and resilience as applied through survivor wisdom and insight.

Did you know that childhood trauma can impact learning and memory? That our survival responses include not only 'fight' and 'flight' but also 'freeze' and 'appease?' That a hug can quite literally save a life? Register today for this fascinating review of all that current science is telling us about the number one health issue of our time.

This course covers:
– The impact of trauma on the body and the brain
– Adverse Childhood Experiences Study
– Survival responses
– Impact of trauma on behavior and relationships
– Emotional regulation strategies
– Trauma-informed care

- Duration: This course is equivalent to 4 hours of in-person training but does not qualify for continuing education credits.
- Time Limit: You will have 30 days to complete the course.
- Certificate of Completion: After completing the course you will be able to access a certificate of completion immediately. Please access the certificate of completion within 30 days of registering for the course. To re-access the certificate of completion after completing the course, please click "go to course" and click the trophy icon at the top right corner.

*Please note that there are no refunds for our online courses*

  • Online Trauma & Resilience Course
  • Online Trauma & Resilience (Part I) Evaluation
Completion rules
  • All units must be completed
  • Leads to a certificate with a duration: Forever